Oklahoma 5-2 Defense Playbook from 1985 | FBCP S04 Episode 13

Go back in time with the Oklahoma 5-2 Defense Playbook from the 1985 National Championship Season.

Click the image to download the playbook

We’ve been looking at a lot of 3-4 Defense lately. I’m hearing more and more of it. So it makes sense to go back in time and look toward the origins of the 3-4 Defense.

That means we get to break down a playbook! I found the perfect one with an aggressive defensive scheme from the 1985 Oklahoma Sooners. This 5-2 Defense has a great look at multiple fronts from the 3-4 Defense (or 5-2 Defense) and a coverage package that will fit right in for today’s game.

There’s some adjustments to be made. But it’s great to see how the defense fits perfectly with the Umbrella Principle and mirrors so much of what we do in the 3-4 Defense System.