Coaching the 4-3 Defense | FBCP S06 Episode 01

The Miami 4-3 Defense was the foundation of my understanding of defensive football. And it’s still a great System.

The Miami 4-3 Defense is where it all started for me. Not the first defense I ever ran, but the first time I really understood how a defense works. 

How do all the parts fit together? Why do you spill the football? Who’s the force player? Why does Coverage have to match the defensive front? 

Learning the Miami 4-3 Defense put it all together for me. I’m going to share what I’ve learned about the 4-3 Defense over the course of Season 6 of the Football Coaching Podcast. And how some of my views have changed. 

Check out this podcast to learn the foundations of the 7 man front in the 4-3 Defense System, plus choosing the right personnel to fill those spots. 

Show Links

Adjusting to the Spread with the 4-3 Defense (since we were in an I Formation all podcast)

1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense Playbook breakdown

Quarters Coverage in the Miami 4-3 Defense from Season 2 of the FBCP