Group Football Drills for Low Numbers| FBCP S05 Episode 13

Group Football Drills can target a specific area and clean out all of the noise around it. Plus you don’t need as many players. 

This episode was planned for several weeks into the future, but it needed to be moved up. These group football drills can do wonders for a lot more teams than even I knew.

Recently I asked coaches to tell me what is biggest problem their team was facing right now. No surprise, but a huge percentage of those responses revolved around needing more players. And wondering how to get a good practice with their small numbers.

These group drills can benefit any team. During the podcast I talk about how I’ve used the drills on a team with over 150 players in the program. But they’re also a critical part of coaching in a small school where 11 on 11 team is not always an option. 

Show Notes