300th Episode! Wing-T Belly Series with Nate Albaugh| FBCP S05 Episode 09

It’s the 300th Episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, so Nate Albaugh is back and we’re talking Wing-T Belly Series!

The Buck Series is everybody’s favorite, but the Belly Series can be deadly for Wing-T Offenses. We’re breaking the Belly Series down with a Wing-T Novice and a Wing-T Expert on this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. 

What’s the difference between Belly and Down? Why is the Belly Sweep such a great play that I can’t find any details about? I found the answers with Nate Albaugh from ChiefPigskin.com in today’s episode!

And the best part of the episode… long time listeners know that Coach Albaugh was the original Co-Host for The Football Coaching Podcast. Over 7 years later, we’re back together for the 300th Episode!