2-Point Conversion Pass Play | FBCP S08E15

One of the most important plays on your offense is one of your best special teams plays. It is your 2-point conversion call when you must get across the goalline.

This 2-point pass play is from the Pistol Power Offense System. We have been using it for a number of years on the goal line. This deep dive episode focuses on how to run and how to stop one of the best 2-point conversion pass plays I know.

2-point conversion pass play diagram
2-Point Conversion Pass Play Diagram

Part 1: Origins of the 2-Point Conversion Pass

  • I learned the play from Bill Mountjoy. Bill has said he started running the play in 1992 with James Farrior at H-Back. That helped. That season they were 13 of 15 on 2-point conversions with this play.
  • The 2-Point Pass is run from a 3×1 formation with a double slant concept. The two outside receivers run ‘slant’ routes. Their purpose is really to rub the inside defenders. The #3 receiver runs the shoot route and is the primary receiver.
  • On the goal line, expect to see a lot of tight man coverage. Rub routes are the most common way of getting open on the goal line. Along with a quick play action, this 2-point conversion pass play gets the #3 receiver open for an easy completion immediately.
The 2-Point Conversion Pass Play in action.

Part 2: Execution of the 2-Point Pass

  • Get into a 3×1 formation but do not spread out too much. The #3 receiver should be off the ball, usually aligned as a wingback. #1 and #2 can be in a bunch or spread out with 3-4 yard splits.
    • Offensive Line will pass protect sliding to the call.
    • Running Back fakes outside zone to the trips.
    • #1 receiver runs a slant at the defender over the #2 receiver.
    • #2 receiver runs a slant at the defender over the #3 receiver.
    • #3 receiver runs a shoot route at the front pylon of the end zone.
    • Quarterback fakes outside zone then immediately throws the shoot route coming off the fake.
  • I like to use a Tight End as the back side receiver. In case the 2-point conversion breaks down, the extra protection gives your Quarterback a little more time to find something.
  • You can also use a split receiver and look for a possible now-fade if you like the match-up back side.
  • Vary the formation and motion to give different looks. By moving your players around you make it harder for teams to have a set defense for the 2-point conversion pass play if you use it a lot.

Part 3: Shutting Down the 2-Point Conversion Pass Play

  • This play is a man-beater on the goal line. If you’re running a lot of man coverage down there, you are vulnerable to it.
  • If you pass off the routes instead of trying to run with the receivers, the play gets harder to run. Use a zone coverage dividing the end zone into 5 or 6 areas to prevent the horizontal stretch.
  • In man coverage on the goal line, make sure you have clearly defined roles. Even if you do successfully navigate the picks, the outside zone fake often causes the defender on the #3 receiver to pause. That opens him up because there is no room for hesitation.

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