QC 139 Coaching Rip Technique for Defensive Line

Get your Defensive Linemen loose to make the tackle by coaching better Rip Technique!

More defensive line talk coming out of today’s mailbag, and this time it’s all about technique. Coaching rip technique, more specifically.

We work a lot on strike point and how to attack the Offensive Linemen to control your position. But Defensive Linemen are there to make tackles too. How do you get off the block? We’ll dive into the rip technique here. Continue reading “QC 139 Coaching Rip Technique for Defensive Line”

QC 137 Onside Kicks Every Time

What are the advantages of using the Onside Kick every time? I’m putting it to the test this season!

In general, I’m a pretty conservative coach. We don’t call a lot of blitzes on defense. Run a balanced offense. Nothing too exciting.

But after 3 weeks of miserable kick coverage, a change had to be made. Enter the onside kick. Not just once, either. Onside kick every time. Continue reading “QC 137 Onside Kicks Every Time”

QC 136 Blocking Power vs Odd Fronts

Using a Tight End with your Power Run Play gives you a serious advantage against Odd Fronts. Here’s how to get it done.

The Power run play, as it’s taught in the Pistol Power Offense System, uses a basic and universal set of rules that works against any defense. Odd Fronts are no diferent.

In today’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic, I’ll run through the rules and talk about how we handle blocking an Odd Front defense when using a tight end. You can also get more details by checking out my free 3 video series here. Continue reading “QC 136 Blocking Power vs Odd Fronts”

QC 134 Linebacker Blitz Technique

Calling blitzes is easy. Coaching proper Linebacker Blitz Technique so that blitz is successful, is harder.

Defensive Coordinators love dialing up the perfect blitz. You hate seeing that perfect blitz run right past the ball carrier.

Today’s episode is a question by email about how to coach your proper Linebacker blitz technique so that your guys don’t run past the play or get destroyed by the blocking scheme. We’ll talk about blitzing on run downs vs. pass downs, and how the technique changes for each situation. Continue reading “QC 134 Linebacker Blitz Technique”

QC 133 Pistol Diamond Play Calling

Pistol Diamond is a great formation to build your offensive playbook around. But how much do you need to have?

The Pistol Diamond formation can be a great power running formation with 3 backs in the backfield. You can base an entire offense out of one formation.

But how much is too much? Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic question comes from a coach who’s building his youth football playbook around Pistol Diamond. How can he get enough plays without confusing his players? Continue reading “QC 133 Pistol Diamond Play Calling”

QC 131 Coaching Defensive Line Pad Level

One of the keys to great play up front is your Defensive Line pad level. How can you get your athletes to play low?

Your defensive line’s pad level must be low to win the battle up front. There’s multiple ways to accomplish this goal, but unfortunately there’s not a good quick fix.

Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic question is about playing your Defensive Line in a 4-point stance in order to lower their pad level. Is that the right solution, or is there another way? We’ll deep dive on lower pad level in this episode. Continue reading “QC 131 Coaching Defensive Line Pad Level”