Half-Slide Pass Protection Adjustment | Quick Clinic 230

Does It Matter Where the Back Goes?

I’ve done a lot of experimenting with different schemes, but half-slide pass protection has been the primary protection scheme in the Pistol Power Offense for several years. It just makes sense with what we do.

That’s the critical key. It makes sense with what we do.

The protection scheme is intricately tied into the entire passing scheme. The check release by the back is critical to the Quarterback’s trigger reads. Continue reading “Half-Slide Pass Protection Adjustment | Quick Clinic 230”

5-3 Defense for Defending the Run | Quick Clinic 229

There’s More To The 5-3 Defense

We usually only hear the 5-3 Defense associated with youth football defense today. For coaches trying to learn the defense, it’s hard to find as much information as you might find about a 4-4 Defense.

There’s great news though. This is a great defense for stopping the run at the youth level. But it’s actually being run at High School and College programs across the country. Just by a different name. Continue reading “5-3 Defense for Defending the Run | Quick Clinic 229”

Force Player in Football | Quick Clinic 227

Defining the force player in your football defense is the only way to get great run fits. In fact, every player on the defense needs to have a clearly defined role. For this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic, we’ll talk about exactly who the force player is on your defense and what his job is.

That’s where the Umbrella Principle comes into play. It’s a simple system that can be applied to any defense. It clearly defines the run fits for every defender. Continue reading “Force Player in Football | Quick Clinic 227”

Nickel Defense | Quick Clinic 226

My favorite comment when we post a new 4-2-5 Defense article or podcast to the Joe Daniel Football Facebook Page has got to be, “So it’s a nickel defense 😭”. You got me, dude.

There seems to be a small counsel of football terminology gatekeepers out there. No one knows who appointed them, or what authority they have. But they’re pretty sure they have it. Continue reading “Nickel Defense | Quick Clinic 226”

Defending a Running Quarterback | Quick Clinic 225

When you look at that exchange film and find out you’ll be defending a running quarterback this week, it gives you the chills. The best athlete on the field is going to have the ball in his hands on every single snap.

But don’t worry. There is hope. Check out this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic for a few simple tips to prepare your defense for that tough assignment. You can listen to the episode using the player at the bottom of this post or wherever podcasts are available. Continue reading “Defending a Running Quarterback | Quick Clinic 225”

Simple Football Plays That Work | Quick Clinic 224

Drawing up complex X’s and O’s on a napkin can be a lot of fun, but the best offenses often rely on very simple football plays that just plain work. Not always sexy, but they get the job done.

The inspiration for this episode was a conversation on our private Chalk Board Forum for JDFB Coaching Systems clients about some simple football plays for a youth football team. Then the topic of the Wedge Play came up. That got my thinking. Continue reading “Simple Football Plays That Work | Quick Clinic 224”

Cover 3 vs 4 Verticals | Quick Clinic 223

If you’ve decided to simplify your defense with a spot drop coverage, you’re probably looking at how to play cover 3 vs 4 verticals. Coaches are realizing the value of the spot drop cover 3’s simplicity but offensive coaches are licking their chops to attack it, too.

This week’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic looks at key points for coaching the deep third defenders. From the basics of Cover 3 alignment and the zone turn, to the much more difficult question of how to stop those 4 vertical attacks. Continue reading “Cover 3 vs 4 Verticals | Quick Clinic 223”

Football Play Call Sheet | Quick Clinic 222

When you see that big time coordinator on the sidelines covering his face with that football play call sheet, it’s pretty exciting. You think that’s just what a football coach is supposed to look like. What you need to have in your hand on game day to be official.

This week’s JDFB Quick Clinic takes a look at those offensive and defensive call sheets. What needs to be on your call sheet? And do you even need one in your hands? Continue reading “Football Play Call Sheet | Quick Clinic 222”

Offensive Line Drills | QC Episode 220

Get the best Offensive Line Drills so you get the best performance out of your Offensive Linemen. Your practice time is too limited to run hundreds of different drills. What drills should actually run?

Over the past couple years, since turning to the 90 Minute Practice Plan, I’ve had to really examine just which Offensive Line drills were worth what little practice time we had to work. Continue reading “Offensive Line Drills | QC Episode 220”