1985 Houston Gamblers Run & Shoot Playbook | FBCP S04 Episode 10

The Run and Shoot Offense set records in the USFL in 1984. Let’s see what we can learn from what they learned in 1985!

A few weeks ago I started looking at the Run and Shoot Offense. With the assistance of Jason Hahnstadt’s Demistifying the Run and Shoot Offense video series, I came up with a base understanding of the offense. But I wanted to go deeper.

Do I think the Run and Shoot Offense is the right direction for a High School Football team to go? Only if you have a background and a guaranteed Quarterback pipeline. Do I think there are elements we can take from the offense? Absolutely.

So I dug around through a few Run and Shoot Offense playbooks. Settled on the 1985 Houston Gamblers playbook with… wait what? Kevin Gilbride? No idea. That’s who’s on the front page. John Jenkins was the Offensive Coordinator after Mouse Davis had moved on to the new Denver Gold.

Yes, this is the first time we’ve ever talked about the USFL in the history of The Football Coaching Podcast. Coincidence, with the AAF coming around this year? Yes. Completely.

Anyway, here’s the links to the playbook and some other useful links for Run and Shoot Offense enthusiasts…

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