Coaching the 3-4 Defense System | FBCP S04 Episode 02

The 3-4 Defense System can shut down your opponents next season with a simple approach to creating complexity.

JDFB 3-4 Defense System Alignments PDF

The 3-4 Defense has become increasingly popular because of the flexibility to defend everything from downhill rushing attacks to elaborate Spread Option and RPO offenses. In today’s episode we’re going to look and the 3-4 Defense System that is a part of JDFB Insider Continue reading “Coaching the 3-4 Defense System | FBCP S04 Episode 02”

12 Lessons Learned as a First Year Head Football Coach | FBCP S04 Episode 01

There’s a lot of moving parts to being a Head Football Coach. Here are some of the critical lessons I learned this season.

12 Head Coach Lessons 2018 PDF Document

2018 was my first season as a Head Football Coach. Overall the year was successful, but there was a lot of learning. I’ll share some of the lessons learned that weren’t in the manual when I started on the job. Continue reading “12 Lessons Learned as a First Year Head Football Coach | FBCP S04 Episode 01”

How to Learn to Coach Football | FBCP S04 Episode 00

Use these 6 methods to learn to coach football, faster. The key is knowing where to focus your effort.

How can you learn to be a better football coach this off-season? There’s more opportunity available than ever, but you’ve got to look in the right places and have a focused goal.

I’ll share 6 resources you can use to learn to coach football, whether you’re just starting out or continuing your lifelong coaching education. And the 3 keys that you must follow to get a coaching education that’s actually going to help your team win games.

FBCP S03E21 Coaching Football in the Rain

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Hold onto the football so you can keep scoring!

Don’t let a driving, pouring rain cost you a football game. Or footballs. Because footballs are expensive.

In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll go into detail about how to prepare for a rain game. I’ll give you the 11 items your program needs to have to get ready (put these on your off-season shopping list!). Continue reading “FBCP S03E21 Coaching Football in the Rain”

FBCP S03E20 Playing the Same Team Twice

You played them once. Now you’ve got to do it again! Here’s how to prepare your Offensive Game Plan.

You beat them once. Or maybe you lost to them. But this is your second game against the same opponent!

Last season, we faced this conundrum twice. We played our week 9 opponent in the first round of the playoffs, and our week 10 opponent in the 2nd round. It’s tough to prepare for the changes you’ll see! Continue reading “FBCP S03E20 Playing the Same Team Twice”