Cover 6 Defense | FBCP S08E07

Use a Cover 6 Defense to Stop 3 by 1

Cover 6 Defense is more widely known as Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage.  It is primarily used as an adjustment to trips formations and it’s going to be the subject of our deep dive in this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast.

The Cover 6 Defense is a combination coverage between Cover 4 and Cover 2.  There are many ways to run Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage.  It largely depends on what your base coverage is and we’ll be breaking that down.

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Curl-Flat Passing Concept | FBCP S08E06

Curl-Flat Attacks Cover 3

The Curl-Flat passing concept is one of the oldest and most popular passing concepts in football.  It is a traditional Cover 3 beater that goes all the way back to the passing concepts of Sid Gillman and Don Coryell and into the West Coast offense.  We’ll be talking about all of those beginnings in this episode.

Curl-Flat is a horizontal stretch that is effective against Cover 3 because you put three receivers to one side of the field against a defense with only two underneath defenders to each side. You should always find an open receiver in Curl Flat against Cover 3. Continue reading “Curl-Flat Passing Concept | FBCP S08E06”

Defensive Line Stunts | FBCP S08E05

Get Aggressive Without Losing Your Umbrella

Defensive line stunts are a great way to be aggressive up front in your play calling without weakening the coverage behind it. We’re going to take a deep dive look at defensive line stunts, including slants and twists.

Every episode in Season 8 of The Football Coaching Podcast is a deep dive into a particular play call, or in this case a family of play calls. I’ll share the origins of the call, why you run the call, and how to coach your players to execute it. Continue reading “Defensive Line Stunts | FBCP S08E05”

Counter Trey Run Play | FBCP S08E04

Run Behind Your Best Linemen

I live in Virginia now, and around here the Counter Trey has a certain aura about it. It’s the play most closely associated with the Joe Gibbs era Washington teams that had a dominant rushing attack in the 1980s.

This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast continues our deep dive series by looking at the origins of the Counter Trey run play, then breaking down how to run the play and how your defense can stop it. Continue reading “Counter Trey Run Play | FBCP S08E04”

Double A Gap Blitz: Deep Dive | FBCP S08E02

Where did the Double A Gap Blitz start?

This week’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast continues the deep dive look into individual play calls in football. We’re looking at some of the most popular calls in football today, and throughout the history of the game.

Each podcast looks at the origins of the call first, discovering where it came from. While blitzing the A gaps has probably been around since the first team ran a 40 front, the actual scheme is credited in Blood, Sweat and Chalk to Jim Johnson beginning in the late 1990’s. Continue reading “Double A Gap Blitz: Deep Dive | FBCP S08E02”

Zone Read Option Play | FBCP S08E01

Deep Dive on the Zone Read Option Play

Season 8 of The Football Coaching Podcast is focusing on deep dives on individual play calls, so what better play to start with than the Zone Read? In fact, we’ve come full circle – Zone Read Option was the topic on the very first episode of the podcast back in 2012!

The deep dive series will take a look at play calls from every angle. We look at the origins of the play, the details of execution, how to attack or defend the play, and how to evaluate and evolve the play within your playbook. Continue reading “Zone Read Option Play | FBCP S08E01”

5 Steps to Evaluate Football Plays | FBCP S08E00

A Process for Fixing Your Football Plays

The season kicks off and that call you’ve been working on for 6 months just is not working. Run plays, passing concepts, blitzes, stunts or coverages. Whatever it is… it’s not working.

This is the 5 step process to evaluate that football play call before you just kick it to the curb. You’re always smarter in February than you are in September and October (or whenever your season happens this year!), so let’s figure out what the problem is! Continue reading “5 Steps to Evaluate Football Plays | FBCP S08E00”