FBCP S03E04 Power Series in the One Back Offense

Every offensive playbook needs a foundation. The Power Series is that foundation for the Pistol Power Offense System.

It’s nice to do a podcast where you don’t need any notes. You’ve talked about something so many times that it just flows.

That’s the Power Series for me. It’s the foundation of our offense, and has been for a number of years. Continue reading “FBCP S03E04 Power Series in the One Back Offense”

FBCP S03E03 The 1992 Washington Huskies 4-4 Defense Playbook

Tired of watching a great defensive series fall apart on a poor job defending a screen pass? Here’s how to get your 33 Stack Defense ready to stop the Screen Pass.

Download the Huskies ‘92 Defense Playbook Here

The 1992 Washington Huskies 4-4 Defense Playbook is the subject a deep dive look on this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. And it’s an interesting look. Continue reading “FBCP S03E03 The 1992 Washington Huskies 4-4 Defense Playbook”

FBCP S03E02 4-2-5 Defense Foundations

Does your Defense need to tighten up? The 4-2-5 Defense can be a simple a system to let your players play fast.

You need a defense that can easily adapt to any offensive attack. If you’re changing everything from week to week, you’ll be in trouble when your players get confused.

The 4-2-5 Defense System has been built around the Joe Daniel Football motto of Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we look at the philosophy and principles that build the foundations of the 4-2-5 Defense. Continue reading “FBCP S03E02 4-2-5 Defense Foundations”

FBCP S03E01 Planning Your Football Year

There’s a lot to be done this season! This is a guide to planning your football year.

Running a top notch program doesn’t just happen. It requires a lot of planning to have a great football year.

In this week’s Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll walk you through planning the entire year. Fundraising, parents, building the culture, and planning scheme install is all discussed here. Everything you need to think about to have a great season! Continue reading “FBCP S03E01 Planning Your Football Year”

FBCP S03E00 Football Video Games

What are your favorite football video games of all time? Here’s a look at the games we used to play.

There is no great football coaching insight in today’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. I’ll be back with more of that, next episode.

Today is just about doing something fun. A little different. A walk down memory lane with the football video games I grew up with. Continue reading “FBCP S03E00 Football Video Games”

FBCP S02E22 Defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage

What’s the Secret to Defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense? It’s not really a secret.

Season 2 of The Football Coaching Podcast wraps up with defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense and Quarters Coverage. We’re using the defense as drawn up in The 4-3 Defense System that is part of JDFB Insiders.

Quarters Coverage offers some special flexibility that you might not have in other coverages and with other packages. The true nature of the 7 man front and 2 high safeties might be your best answer for defending RPOs. Continue reading “FBCP S02E22 Defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage”

FBCP S02E21 Running RPOs In Your Current Offensive Playbook

You don’t have to create an entire RPO Playbook. It’s easy to incorporate RPO’s into the offensive system you’re running right now.

Run-Pass Options (RPOs) are the hot topic for offensive football coaches across the country over the last few seasons. The schemes have made their way down from the College level down to the High School ranks in a hurry.

Many coaches have been abandoning what they’ve always done in favor of more modern, “exciting” offensive schemes. The purpose of this episode is to show that you do not need to do that. You can use your existing offensive playbook and add RPOs into the mix, without sacrificing all you’ve done in the past. Continue reading “FBCP S02E21 Running RPOs In Your Current Offensive Playbook”

FBCP S02E20 Coaching with Triggers

How do you Coach Simple so your players can Play Fast? Triggers are the answer to your problem.

Triggers are a stimulus, or event, that happens on the field that tell your player to initiate a response, or reaction. For every action on the field, there is a reaction by your player. (but this is not physics and we do not want the response to be equal!)

In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll be looking at triggers for every offensive and defensive position. Plus, how you can use triggers to simplify your teaching and get your players to react faster. Continue reading “FBCP S02E20 Coaching with Triggers”

FBCP S02E19 Quarters Coverage in the 4-3 Defense

Coaching 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage gives you great pass coverage. Plus you get 9 defenders against the run!

I love coaching 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage. It’s incredibly effective if you know how to teach and adjust the package. And if you have the right guys.

There’s a ton of advantages, but there are also a few difficulties you need to be aware of. We’ll discuss all of that on this week’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. Continue reading “FBCP S02E19 Quarters Coverage in the 4-3 Defense”

FBCP S02E18 Clemson’s 2013 Offensive Playbook

Clemson’s Spread Offense uses a Hurry Up, No Huddle approach. Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing fancy here..

The 2013 Clemson Offense playbook is available from Chris Brown’s SmartFootball.com through the link below. It’s a great look at the simplicity of many modern Hurry Up, No Huddle offenses.

The Clemson Offense was already introducing RPOs at that time, and showing the development of some of the more run-pass options we see today. It’s an interesting look at the Spread Offense during a time of critical development. Continue reading “FBCP S02E18 Clemson’s 2013 Offensive Playbook”