FBCP S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys

Coach Safety Reads that tell your force and alley players if it’s a run or a pass. And never have to change those reads again.

With the defensive philosophy that I subscribe to, the ‘umbrella’ is critical to the success of the defense. That means your Safety reads must be fast and accurate.

You can’t have a lot of confusion or hesitation. And you can’t give up long passes on play action because of a bad read. Continue reading “FBCP S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys”

FBCP S03E13 Installing RPOs with Brent Dearmon

Brent Dearmon talks about installing RPOs into your offense and how he’s turning around Bethel University with an explosive offensive style.

Coach Brent Dearmon has a pretty impressive resume including most recently working as Offensive Coordinator at Arkansas Tech. Now he’s turning around his alma mater at Bethel University in Tennessee. Continue reading “FBCP S03E13 Installing RPOs with Brent Dearmon”

FBCP S03E12 Coaching the Outside Zone Play

The Outside Zone Play is one of the best plays in football, no matter what level you coach. Here’s the deep dive details on how to run it precision for big gains on the ground.

The Outside Zone Play is one of the best offensive plays in football. In the NFL, it may be the most frequently called run in the entire league.

But you don’t care about the NFL. You care about your football team, and how the Outside Zone Play can help you. Continue reading “FBCP S03E12 Coaching the Outside Zone Play”

FBCP S03E11 Breaking Down the 1986 Washington Redskins Playbook

From the early days of the Pistol Power Offense System, let’s take a deep dive into the run game of the 1986 Washington Redskins Playbook.

The Pistol Power Offense System has a lot of roots with the Washington Redskins playbooks from the 1980s. Today we’re taking a look at one of those playbooks.

Be warned… this playbook was a mess. There’s no way any Redskins player ever received the playbook in this format. Continue reading “FBCP S03E11 Breaking Down the 1986 Washington Redskins Playbook”

FBCP S03E10 Defending the Run with the 4-4 Defense

Shut down the run with your 4-4 Defense. Or whatever you want to call it…

Time to shut down the run. Get serious. You don’t defend spread teams every week! Better be ready to play it tough! This week, we’re talking about running that powerhouse 4-4 Defense against all of the most popular offensive run schemes in football today. Continue reading “FBCP S03E10 Defending the Run with the 4-4 Defense”

FBCP S03E09 Defensive Game Planning Guide

Wasting your entire weekend watching film, trying to find the secret for your Defensive Game Plan? Here’s how to stop.

You can spend hours and hours watching Hudl, hoping to find some little secret nugget that makes you a genius on your defensive game plan. Truth is, you’re wasting a lot of time.

Learn how to watch film efficiently and take care of the things that matter in your life. Listen to today’s episode for efficient defensive game planning, and then download the free Offensive Film Study Sheet above!  Continue reading “FBCP S03E09 Defensive Game Planning Guide”

FBCP S03E08 Coaching Half-Slide Pass Protection

What pass protection scheme is best for keeping your Quarterback safe? Take a look at the Half-Slide Pass Protection scheme.

In the Pistol Power Offense System, we use Half-Slide Pass Protection as our drop back protection scheme. If you want a scheme that works great and adapts to any front, this is the place to start.

Listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast to get the basics of Half-Slide Pass Protection. Could this be the solution to your Quarterback protection problems? Continue reading “FBCP S03E08 Coaching Half-Slide Pass Protection”