How to Watch Football Game Film | FBCP S09E10

Breaking down football game film is one of those iconic football coaching activities. Sitting in a dark room running the same play forward and back. Watching each footstep and demanding perfection from a recording that never changes.

Unfortunately, it is mostly a waste of time. Looking for those little game film hacks does not lead to victory very often. It’s time to learn how to watch game film like a pro. Continue reading “How to Watch Football Game Film | FBCP S09E10”

How to Defeat a Block | FBCP S09E07

If your players can defeat a block and make a tackle, you have a pretty good defense. The simplest defensive scheme will still win a lot of games if you can do that.

Every coach spends a lot of time on teaching tackling technique. You invest hours in the off-season studying how to be better tacklers. You run angle tackling, open field tackling, tackling approach drills, fit tackles… OK, you work hard at tackling. Continue reading “How to Defeat a Block | FBCP S09E07”

Defending Quads Formations | FBCP S09E05

Defending Quads Formations can cause some serious anxiety in defensive coordinators. The empty, unbalanced alignment breaks a lot of your base defensive alignment rules.

There is no reason to lose sleep over Quads Formations, though. By understanding what teams can do out of the formation, you can easily match the alignment. With just a few simple rules, your team can handle 4 receivers to one side with no problem. Continue reading “Defending Quads Formations | FBCP S09E05”

Fix Bad Football Tackling Technique | FBCP S09E03

Your biggest football tackling technique issue is not, and has never been, that the players are scared to hit. Teenage males are loaded with way too much testosterone to be scared of contact.

Bad tackling in football comes down to just a few issues. It can be fixed. Tackling technique can actually be fixed in a short amount of time, too. Continue reading “Fix Bad Football Tackling Technique | FBCP S09E03”

High School Football Coaching Jobs | FBCP S09E02

How do you get a high school football coaching job? Season 9 of The Football Coaching Podcast is 20 Questions. It is the 20 (plus 2) most asked football coaching questions I have heard over the last 10 years from our listeners and clients.

We’re taking a look at what it takes to be a high school football coach. Do you have what it takes? And if you do, how do you get high school football coaching jobs? Finally I’ll share some critical tips for working your way up the coaching ladder. Continue reading “High School Football Coaching Jobs | FBCP S09E02”

Increasing Football IQ | FBCP S09E01

What is Football IQ, and Why Is It So Low?

  • Coaches everywhere think their players have a low football IQ. The reality is that yes, almost all football players have a low football IQ as they start learning the game. It is not unique to Youth, High School or International athletes.
  • Football is a complicated sport. There are tons of rules and situations. Unless you really study the game, you do will not have a high football IQ.

Continue reading “Increasing Football IQ | FBCP S09E01”

Block Destruct | JDFB QC 252

Coaching your defensive players to block destruct can be a big challenge. Football always comes down to blocking and tackling. Not being able to defeat a block is a problem.

Figuring out how to teach your athletes to slam into another player, especially one bigger than they are, is a huge task. Maybe there’s a better way? This week’s JDFB Quick Clinic looks at how to coach better block destruction. Continue reading “Block Destruct | JDFB QC 252”

Wedge Kickoff Return | FBCP S08E21

Kickoff return has been a part of the game of football since it started. And the most basic return strategy has been using the wedge.

It is not fancy. But the wedge kickoff return is one of the best ways to get big yards when you get a chance to return a kick. In this episode, find out how to run the wedge return, adjustments you can make, and how to attack a team running wedge returns against you. Continue reading “Wedge Kickoff Return | FBCP S08E21”

Red Zone Efficiency | JDFBQC 251

Getting to the red zone is one thing, but your red zone efficiency determines how good your offense is. Nothing is more frustrating than turning the ball over on 4th down when you are knocking on the door.

Do not let your offense chew up yards between the 20s then stall out when it counts. This week’s JDFB Quick Clinic answers a listener question on Red Zone Efficiency. Continue reading “Red Zone Efficiency | JDFBQC 251”