Best Football Defense | FBCP S09E19

What is the best football defense for my team to run? I hear that question a lot. But there’s no easy answer.

In Season 9 of The Football Coaching Podcast we’re answering the most common questions I’ve heard over the last decade. And this question about the best football defense is one of the most popular.

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Football Scout Team Fixes | FBCP S09E17

The failures of your football scout team are the bane of every coach’s existence. You’re trying to prepare your starters to play a top opponent. That scout team is ruining everything, though.

Football scout teams don’t have to equal misery. But you have to put them in a position to succeed. We have a plan for that, and I’m going to share it with you in this episode. Continue reading “Football Scout Team Fixes | FBCP S09E17”

Special Teams Practice Planning | FBCP S09E16

Winning in all three phases might be a cliche, but you will lose games if you have sloppy special teams practice. Planning your special teams practices is critical if you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot on game day.

How do we plan special teams practice when we only have a 90 minute practice plan? It seems like there is too much to get done. But that’s not true. Continue reading “Special Teams Practice Planning | FBCP S09E16”

How Many Plays In Your Offensive Playbook? | FBCP S09E15

You don’t want too many plays in your offensive playbook. But you need enough plays to beat the defense. So how many plays do you need to have ready?

How many plays you need in the playbook is the 15th episode in our 20 Questions series for Season 9 of The Football Coaching Podcast. It is one of the 20 most-asked questions I have seen from our podcast listeners and JDFB Coaching Systems clients. Continue reading “How Many Plays In Your Offensive Playbook? | FBCP S09E15”

Linebacker Reads and Keys | FBCP S09E14

Linebacker reads and keys are the single most searched for keyword on Joe Daniel Football. It seems every coach is looking for the perfect reads for your linebackers.

I have coached just about every type of linebacker reads imaginable. Keying guards, keying backfield. I have cross-keyed the backs, keyed the 2-man surface… you name it, I have tried to coach it. Continue reading “Linebacker Reads and Keys | FBCP S09E14”

Football Coaching Staff Organization | FBCP S09E11

With the season approaching, you need to figure out how you want to organize your football coaching staff. Who is going to coach which positions? Where is each coaching going to be most valuable to your athletes?

Putting the right coaches in the right places is just as important as putting the right players in the right positions. This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast dives into getting the most out of your football coaching staff this season. Continue reading “Football Coaching Staff Organization | FBCP S09E11”