All Access Coaching Podcast S01E13 How the Wing T Puts Defenders in Conflict

How the Wing T Puts Defenders In Conflict and Calling Plays Off If-Then Statements

The Wing-T offense has withstood the test of time.  It is not just a formation or a collection of plays.  It is a system that uses Look-A-Like backfield actions and blocking techniques to put defenders in conflict.  When run correctly, the defense is never right because the Wing-T uses the defender’s techniques against them.

This podcast explains how the defenders are put in conflict by using a sequence of plays.  Every play in the sequence attacks different parts of the defense on every single play. Rick Stewart goes through all 5 families of the Wing-T to also show that play calls are based on defensive reactions instead of down and distance.

Rick Stewart has been a high school head coach for 18 years and has used the Wing-T to take four losing programs to the playoffs.  His 2019 team rushed for over 6,300 yards in Pennsylvania.