All Access Coaching Podcast S01E12 Alignments of Front 6 in the 425 Defense

Alignments, Reads, & Techniques of Front 6 in the 425 Defense

One of the beauties of the 425 defense is the divorced front concept.  The 4 D-linemen and 2 Linebackers are completely independent or divorced from the back 5 defensive backs.  This podcast talks about the unique alignments of Rick Stewart’s READ & REACT 425 Defense.

The four down linemen in the READ & REACT  line up head up in 4, 0, 4 technique alignments.  Although they initially are lined up the same as a 3-4 defense, their reactions, and techniques are the same as a traditional even front once the ball is snapped.

Rick Stewart has been a high school head coach for 18 years and has used this defense to take four losing programs to the playoffs.