All Access Coaching Podcast S01E11 Play Action Pass out of TEXBONE


This 2020 Podcast features Joe Austin, a college head coach at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  He is the inventor of the TEXBONE, triple option for the 21st century.  It is a marriage of triple option and spread using traditional option schemes out of non-traditional option formations.  The spread formations force the defense into predictable alignments but the TEXBONE is unpredictable to defend because every play could be spread or option-based.

This podcast Coach Austin goes over the Play Action Passing game of the TEXBONE offense.  He gives a 15min summary of the entire offense, then covers the full and half slide pass protections.  The four playside pass concepts are FLOOD (using Waggle blocking); QUIK FLOOD (reading the CB), DIG, QUIK DIG;  Austin then moves on to downfield shots: DOUBLE POST, and wraps up with backside isolation routes.

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