All Access Coaching Podcast S01E09 Three Levels of RPOs

MACATTACK 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Level RPOs

Jason McManus is a 4-time state champion in South Carolina and inventor of the MACATTACK Air Raid RPO system. It is a no huddle, fast tempo based offense with heavy emphasis on the QB run game.

This podcast will break down his three types of RPOs.  The 1st and 2nd Level RPOs are post snap run-throw concepts using an out of the pocket QB who is running the ball while reading a 2nd level defender for the routes.  This can also be applied to the zone read or counter runs, basically applying triple option principles of reading a down lineman while controlling a secondary player with a route.  

There are also RPOs ran inside the pocket.  There are 2nd Level post-snap reads that have the linemen blocking the run game up front with the QB throwing an RPO route off a 2nd level defender. McManus’ 3rd level in-pocket RPOs are throwing the ball down the field off corners or safeties.

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