CLP Episode 10 – Lamont Butler, Head Football Coach, Trinity International University

Coach Lamont Butler is entering his first season as the Head Football Coach of the Trinity International University Trojan football team.  We will hear from Butler on the podcast each week as they progress through the season.

On this podcast, Fore introduces Coach Butler to his audience as they discuss his rise in the coaching ranks, being a head high school coach, taking over an NAIA collegiate program, what that first day in the office was like, the methods he uses to hire coaches, recruiting and much more.  

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FBCP S03E08 Coaching Half-Slide Pass Protection

What pass protection scheme is best for keeping your Quarterback safe? Take a look at the Half-Slide Pass Protection scheme.

In the Pistol Power Offense System, we use Half-Slide Pass Protection as our drop back protection scheme. If you want a scheme that works great and adapts to any front, this is the place to start.

Listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast to get the basics of Half-Slide Pass Protection. Could this be the solution to your Quarterback protection problems? Continue reading “FBCP S03E08 Coaching Half-Slide Pass Protection”

QC 127 Pressure/Visual Key for 6-Tech Defensive Ends

The 6-Technique Defensive End requires some special teaching. But the rewards can be great for your run defense.

Coaching the Pressure Key and Visual Key for a 6-Technique Defensive End takes a lot of time. And you’ve got to have the right guy for the job. Both the player, and the coach.

But the result can be a big change for your 4-4 Defense or 4-2-5 Defense. The 6 Technique Defensive End can help string out edge runs in a way that an inside shade player just can’t! Continue reading “QC 127 Pressure/Visual Key for 6-Tech Defensive Ends”

PSSO S4E10 Latest Trends in the Bubble Screen and Pre Snap RPO’s

Do you have a great bubble screen game? How to know which Bubble Screens you should be running against different looks.

I love my Bubble Screen Playbook. In fact I love it so much it replaced my quick game. Yea, we still throw hitches and slants, but other then that…the bubble is so much deadlier so why waste time elsewhere?

In this episode I’ll show you how to make your Bubble Screen package deadlier than ever and how you can be a true spread offense by simple adding it and using them as Pre-snap RPO’s. I promise you it will change your game and if you are already doing it and struggling, I’ll give you some keys that you have to do to make sure it works every single time. Continue reading “PSSO S4E10 Latest Trends in the Bubble Screen and Pre Snap RPO’s”

CLP Episode 9 – Jeff Steinberg, Beaumont High (So Cal), Practice Planning and Organization

Head Coach Jeff Steinberg is entering his 21st season as a Head Football Coach after winning a CIF Championship last year.  He is starting his first year at Beaumont High. Steinberg talks about practice planning and program organization on this podcast.

Steinberg is one of THE most organized coaches you’ll ever find.  He talks about the why and the how of his practice planning and organization.  Steinberg also shares what they focus on each day, and each week of camp. This podcast will surely give you some ideas for program management and practice planning. Continue reading “CLP Episode 9 – Jeff Steinberg, Beaumont High (So Cal), Practice Planning and Organization”

FBCP S03E07 How to Make Offensive Line Run Blocking Easier

Think your Offensive Line isn’t good enough? Make their job easier using these critical Offensive Line Run Blocking tips.

There’s a few myths in coaching offensive line run blocking that we need to break through. Then we can start to build a better run game.

In this episode, we’ll talk about why you don’t need your Offensive Linemen to sustain blocks longer. Or drive their man down the field. And how you can make your less talented Offensive Line look like a group of All Pro’s with a few minor adjustments. Continue reading “FBCP S03E07 How to Make Offensive Line Run Blocking Easier”

QC 126 Adjustments to Power Read

How do you adjust Power Read when the defense is blitzing right at you? Here’s a few adjustments you can make.

Power Read is one of my favorite plays found in most Spread Option playbooks. We’ve run it as a variation on our own Pistol Power Offense base play.

In this episode of the Quick Clinic, we look at how to adjust the play when defenses are blitzing into the face of your favorite play. A few simple tweaks to get the defense back in check. Continue reading “QC 126 Adjustments to Power Read”

PSSO S4E9 Top 7 Reasons A Football Coach Won’t Hire You

Can’t get a football coaching job? Here’s why you might not be having any luck getting hired.

I get questions often about how to get hired as a football coach. If you really want to coach football, then you have to get some experience. But getting experience means getting hired and sometimes that’s a lot harder than it looks. But rest assured you can get there, it’s just going to take patience and making sure you don’t have any of these 7 reasons for a coach to decide not to hire you. All of these coaches started where you were at one point so there are no excuses! Continue reading “PSSO S4E9 Top 7 Reasons A Football Coach Won’t Hire You”