QC 129 Blocking Power Against a Bear Front

How can you keep running your Power against a Bear Front? Here’s how to make sure you can do it.

Bear Front is another tough defense to run your Power run play against. Or any inside run play, for that matter.

Sure, you might want to just run outside or throw the ball. But if Power is your team’s feature play, you want to run it against anything. This week’s listener question asks how we can handle the back side 3-technique when running power against a bear front. Continue reading “QC 129 Blocking Power Against a Bear Front”

QC 128 Power Blocking for a 6-2 Defense

Run-heavy defenses can seem impossible to run against. But blocking a 6-2 Defense with your Power Play is anything but impossible.

When you’re facing a Youth Football defense or a Goal Line defense, you don’t want to abandon your best run play. If your best play is Power, here’s how to handle those stacked fronts.

Today’s episode answers a Youth Football question about blocking a 6-2 Defense with the Power play. We’ll break down blocking a 6-2 Defense, on the Goal Line or in every-down situations for lower levels. Continue reading “QC 128 Power Blocking for a 6-2 Defense”

QC 127 Pressure/Visual Key for 6-Tech Defensive Ends

The 6-Technique Defensive End requires some special teaching. But the rewards can be great for your run defense.

Coaching the Pressure Key and Visual Key for a 6-Technique Defensive End takes a lot of time. And you’ve got to have the right guy for the job. Both the player, and the coach.

But the result can be a big change for your 4-4 Defense or 4-2-5 Defense. The 6 Technique Defensive End can help string out edge runs in a way that an inside shade player just can’t! Continue reading “QC 127 Pressure/Visual Key for 6-Tech Defensive Ends”

QC 126 Adjustments to Power Read

How do you adjust Power Read when the defense is blitzing right at you? Here’s a few adjustments you can make.

Power Read is one of my favorite plays found in most Spread Option playbooks. We’ve run it as a variation on our own Pistol Power Offense base play.

In this episode of the Quick Clinic, we look at how to adjust the play when defenses are blitzing into the face of your favorite play. A few simple tweaks to get the defense back in check. Continue reading “QC 126 Adjustments to Power Read”

QC 125 The Best Defense for Single Wing Offense

How do you stop the Single Wing Offense? What’s the best defense for it?

The Single Wing Offense is a tough one. It looks a lot different than what you might see week in and week out.

I have a little insider knowledge, as we used an unbalanced Single Wing alignment to run our goal line offense. You wouldn’t believe the looks your players have to deal with! Continue reading “QC 125 The Best Defense for Single Wing Offense”

QC 124 Disrupting the Center with Odd Front Defenses

Should you run an Odd Front Defense to disrupt the center exchange? Will a few fumbles win your a Championship?

Love this question. We talk about it a lot. Does playing a nose guard over the center actually create more fumbles?

Honest answer is I have no idea. But our JDFB Quick Clinic question addresses changing the defense to get a few more fumbles. Check out this episode to hear whether it’s worth it!

This episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic is in response to questions sent by Email. You can send questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic to me on Twitter @footballinfo or by email to joe@joedanielfootball.com. Continue reading “QC 124 Disrupting the Center with Odd Front Defenses”

QC 123 Counting Fronts, Coaching Jobs and more… The Mailbag Edition

How can I get into coaching football? What Defense should I run? And where can I find that podcast I remember!?

Today’s episode of The JDFB Quick Clinic is a potpourri of coaching information. We go from the job search to counting fronts and more.

It’s a mailbag episode for the 4th of July holiday! Celebrate America’s Independence with the JDFB Quick Clinic… and a hot dog, a cold beer, and some recklessly planned homemade fireworks shows. Continue reading “QC 123 Counting Fronts, Coaching Jobs and more… The Mailbag Edition”

QC 122 Coaching Defensive Line Stunts

How do you run your Defensive Line stunts? On the snap or wait to recognize pass sets?

The topic this week for the JDFB Quick Clinic is all about Defensive Line stunts. More specifically, how should you execute those stunts?

Some coaches like to execute the stunt on the snap. Others wait to see the Offensive Line pass set. It all depends on what you’re running those stunts for! Continue reading “QC 122 Coaching Defensive Line Stunts”

QC 121 Etiquette for Requesting Game Film

Is it taboo to ask other coaches to exchange film? Here’s the right way to do it…

Scouting a big game on the schedule? Want to see how another team runs that play you’re trying to install? All reasons to request a film exchange.

But should you? Is it the right thing to do? And how do you go about asking for game film the right way? This week’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic answers a listener question about exchanging film with teams you don’t play. Continue reading “QC 121 Etiquette for Requesting Game Film”

QC 120 Should I Take This Head Coach Job?

Is it the right time to take this Head Coach position? Here’s what every young football coach needs to consider.

Every one of us, early in our career, thought we knew everything. If you were in charge, you’d do things different. And it would work.

Actually, this JDFB Quick Clinic is in response to an email from a coach with a very different perspective. He’s not sure he’s ready to take on that responsibility, but it may be falling to him anyway. Continue reading “QC 120 Should I Take This Head Coach Job?”