S02E19 Quarters Coverage in the 4-3 Defense

Coaching 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage gives you great pass coverage. Plus you get 9 defenders against the run!

I love coaching 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage. It’s incredibly effective if you know how to teach and adjust the package. And if you have the right guys.

There’s a ton of advantages, but there are also a few difficulties you need to be aware of. We’ll discuss all of that on this week’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast.

We teach this complete 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage package in The 4-3 Defense System included as part of JDFB Insiders. But there are some important updates in this episode, too!

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S02E18 Clemson’s 2013 Offensive Playbook

Clemson’s Spread Offense uses a Hurry Up, No Huddle approach. Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing fancy here..

The 2013 Clemson Offense playbook is available from Chris Brown’s SmartFootball.com through the link below. It’s a great look at the simplicity of many modern Hurry Up, No Huddle offenses.

The Clemson Offense was already introducing RPOs at that time, and showing the development of some of the more run-pass options we see today. It’s an interesting look at the Spread Offense during a time of critical development.

In this episode we’ll be focused on the Day 1 Spring Install for the Clemson Offense in 2013.

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