FBCP S03E21 Coaching Football in the Rain

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Hold onto the football so you can keep scoring!

Don’t let a driving, pouring rain cost you a football game. Or footballs. Because footballs are expensive.

In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll go into detail about how to prepare for a rain game. I’ll give you the 11 items your program needs to have to get ready (put these on your off-season shopping list!). Continue reading “FBCP S03E21 Coaching Football in the Rain”

FBCP S03E20 Playing the Same Team Twice

You played them once. Now you’ve got to do it again! Here’s how to prepare your Offensive Game Plan.

You beat them once. Or maybe you lost to them. But this is your second game against the same opponent!

Last season, we faced this conundrum twice. We played our week 9 opponent in the first round of the playoffs, and our week 10 opponent in the 2nd round. It’s tough to prepare for the changes you’ll see! Continue reading “FBCP S03E20 Playing the Same Team Twice”

FBCP S03E18 Goal Line Package for the 4-2-5 Defense

Is your Goal Line Defense ready to make the critical, game winning stop? Probably not.

Your opponent drove the ball the length of the field. They’re inside your 5 yard line. It’s time to make the big stop.

Defensive Coordinators need to take a big step forward right now – and accept that getting the stop is not very likely. After all, you couldn’t stop them up til now. Continue reading “FBCP S03E18 Goal Line Package for the 4-2-5 Defense”

FBCP S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys

Coach Safety Reads that tell your force and alley players if it’s a run or a pass. And never have to change those reads again.

With the defensive philosophy that I subscribe to, the ‘umbrella’ is critical to the success of the defense. That means your Safety reads must be fast and accurate.

You can’t have a lot of confusion or hesitation. And you can’t give up long passes on play action because of a bad read. Continue reading “FBCP S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys”

FBCP S03E13 Installing RPOs with Brent Dearmon

Brent Dearmon talks about installing RPOs into your offense and how he’s turning around Bethel University with an explosive offensive style.

Coach Brent Dearmon has a pretty impressive resume including most recently working as Offensive Coordinator at Arkansas Tech. Now he’s turning around his alma mater at Bethel University in Tennessee. Continue reading “FBCP S03E13 Installing RPOs with Brent Dearmon”

FBCP S03E12 Coaching the Outside Zone Play

The Outside Zone Play is one of the best plays in football, no matter what level you coach. Here’s the deep dive details on how to run it precision for big gains on the ground.

The Outside Zone Play is one of the best offensive plays in football. In the NFL, it may be the most frequently called run in the entire league.

But you don’t care about the NFL. You care about your football team, and how the Outside Zone Play can help you. Continue reading “FBCP S03E12 Coaching the Outside Zone Play”