PSSO S4E19 Simple Pass Plays You Can Install That Will Work Now

Feel like giving up the pass? Don’t give it up just yet with these plays that can bring new life to your stale passing game.

This week’s podcast is about the simplest passing plays you can install and run without needing super skilled receivers and Quarterbacks.

I get it’s easy to be frustrated with the passing game, especially if you have a solid run game and it feels like every time you throw the ball something bad happens. Continue reading “PSSO S4E19 Simple Pass Plays You Can Install That Will Work Now”

QC 137 Onside Kicks Every Time

What are the advantages of using the Onside Kick every time? I’m putting it to the test this season!

In general, I’m a pretty conservative coach. We don’t call a lot of blitzes on defense. Run a balanced offense. Nothing too exciting.

But after 3 weeks of miserable kick coverage, a change had to be made. Enter the onside kick. Not just once, either. Onside kick every time. Continue reading “QC 137 Onside Kicks Every Time”

PSSO S4E18 WR Drills: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some drills are just not worth your time of day. Use two simple criteria to tell if your drill is quality or not.

This week’s podcast is about my review of some of today’s most popular Wide Receiver Drills.

So if you’re a coach who like to have players straddling poles to catch it with their hands or sprinting with towels on their heads… Continue reading “PSSO S4E18 WR Drills: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

QC 136 Blocking Power vs Odd Fronts

Using a Tight End with your Power Run Play gives you a serious advantage against Odd Fronts. Here’s how to get it done.

The Power run play, as it’s taught in the Pistol Power Offense System, uses a basic and universal set of rules that works against any defense. Odd Fronts are no diferent.

In today’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic, I’ll run through the rules and talk about how we handle blocking an Odd Front defense when using a tight end. You can also get more details by checking out my free 3 video series here. Continue reading “QC 136 Blocking Power vs Odd Fronts”